First blog post


My journey to a highly influential, highly creative, highly skilled, highly successful billionaire. Ha joking just a millionaire, and fuck you if you laugh.


Your going to read it. Maybe go ” okay, yeah”. But won’t end up doing shit. 


I dropped my friend off after we hung out and smoked a bean. He goes, ” I will hit you up tomorrow, when I’m free”. Me high as a kite drives away, ” I like that”. I then asked myself why am I not free. I’m not supposed to be free. I’m supposed to be busy working, working every second I can during the day to get towards my end prize. Real freedom. Actually saying I want to go to Bora Bora. Then hopping on some fucking jet and fuck three bitches in a some dry leaves hut with an ocean so fucking clear you will see your small dick naked. If you got through that, fucking go right now you are not busy go fucking create something, shits your canvas. Go  

Hump day 

Maybe if we changed the day to Jump day instead of miserable hump day it would be more motivating, this ones for my homies that are working that double shift today or have to go sit through 4 lectures and then go study for exams. Handle those priorities first but instead of going out, instead of ripping the bong and lay down like a potato…I have one question did you JUMP START your dream today, or it was another average hump day,,, your move. 


Um they are fucking garbage, money is a product of hard work, yes cry me a river over how some cocky rich vineyard vines Ivy League kids going to land at daddy’s firm. Find a pattern yourself, when your on brink of greatness, not many people will give you worthy advice, build it yourself. Theirs money out there, Go get it. 

Millennial shout 

Just do it, media and all these teachers will feed you shit telling you the American dream is dead. It’s fucking bullshit you have more knowledge right now at your fingertips than ever before. Find a need. Fill it. Fucking build a blog or website and work your fucking ass off. Enough imagine the life,, that life is now. Fucking go. Fucking ignite millennial. 

Journal 1

Today was Tuesday, I decided to get off of my fucking ass and do some work today, I skeltoned out plans for my next blogs to come, blogs that people will actually see and read and money will end up in my pocket. I plan on monetizing the ideas, I also have website ideas that prolly will get pushed out first cause fuck it. Watched good will hunting today I stopped the movie after the scene where Matt Damon goes I just felt like I could play in that sorta stuff. I shut off the tv. And I brainstormed, I’m sick of people thinking they are better than me. I want to live extremely well and wealthly and it time I start it.


Follow me as I try to not fall into one of these quick rich schemes and make money for real online. I am no joke. I go to SUNY Fdale. I don’t get to prty much. All I think about is money and how I damn sure will find a way my own way. Either follow, join or watch. Buckle up.